Advancing diagnostics for Long COVID.

Join us as we unveil the first-ever rapid, molecular-based diagnostic test specifically designed for Long COVID. This initiative is on the brink of offering hope and precise insights to millions. Secure your exclusive early access with Testkey now and guarantee your reservation of tests from our upcoming production batch.


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Tackling Long COVID

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Your unique insights are the key to unlocking breakthroughs in Long COVID diagnostics. Whether you're navigating personal health challenges, pioneering research solutions, or providing care to patients, your contribution is not just valued—it's essential. Secure your early access now and play a pivotal role in the advancement of Long COVID diagnostics.

Rapid Insights

Our point-of-care solution transforms Long COVID management by providing quick, precise viral load results. Without needing complex equipment, it empowers healthcare professionals to make informed decisions quickly.


Designed for simplicity, our testing technology is accessible to clinics and research facilities of all sizes. Its ease of use, combined with our innovative molecular approach, ensures accessible and reliable diagnostics.

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We imagine a future where Long COVID is no longer a mystery. Our cutting-edge diagnostic technology is the key to unlocking new possibilities in healthcare, offering clarity and control over a condition that affects millions worldwide.

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